Career Action Items for the New Year

Is your career on track? The New Year may be an opportunity for change and exploration of new possibilities. Here are 6 Action Steps that may be helpful to you in advancing your career or for sharing with others.

  1. Review your resume. It is so much easier to review your resume than to begin a new resume. Do it now while your accomplishments and contributions over the past year are fresh in your mind.
  2. Review your Linkedin Profile. Are your titles current? Searches in LinkedIn are often driven off key words found in job titles. Make sure yours is current and that you are using the current vernacular. Review your peers’ and competitors’ to see the key words they are using or run a google search with your job titles and see what types of positions are captured. What are the key words that are being used? While you are there, google yourself and see what you find…. (You may want to change your Facebook account to private)
  3. Take a professional colleague to lunch. Call the person whose career, work, or accomplishments you admire. Invite them to lunch and let them know that you would like to ask them for some career advice, or to ask them about their experiences.
  1. Set a goal to take one interview a year. Don’t just take any old interview but rather spend some time thinking about and articulating what your next career progression would like. If you could go on one interview during the whole year, what would the opportunity look like? Would it be in a completely different industry? Would it present an opportunity for personal and professional growth?
  1. Join a professional association and step up your involvement. If you’re a member of a professional association already, volunteer to be on a panel, a committee or to be a mentor. There are many ways of deepening your engagement. Ask questions of your colleagues, make a connection; learn about their successes, the work they are passionate about.
  2. Call us to check on the pulse of the market, your marketability, and to remind us of your more recent accomplishments. We love to hear about your successes.

Whether you are navigating your own career, looking to create talent succession plans, hiring talent based on talent gap analysis or recruiting your first General Counsel, we can all commit to taking an actionable step in the New Year to empowering ourselves and others that we care about.

Enjoy all the possibilities of the Holiday Season.

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