Should Your Next Strategic Hire be A Legal Ops Professional?

In the 2019 State of Corporate Law Departments Improving the Impact of Legal Services, innovation was a key theme and sets the stage for the context of continual change- in the ever changing world of work. “Innovation incorporates a whole host of … [more]

Are You Ready For The In-House Interview?

Landing that in-house job of your dreams starts with the interview process.  Do not make the mistake of assuming that your charming personality and ability to ‘think on your feet’ will carry you through the various, long rounds of in-depth … [more]

Trendspotting – Are You Ready?

As an owner in a legal search practice, a number of legal recruiting articles come across my screen on a daily basis. It occurs to me that anyone could get lost in the quagmire of information on what’s hot, what’s … [more]

A Radical Approach to Career Transition

Quite often a lawyer will approach a career change with limited perspective or experience in understanding the scope of a career transition. This is the case when changing companies, changing industries, moving from a law firm to an in-house role … [more]

Welcoming Technology Into the New Year

There are many predictions for 2019, so we thought we would steer away from piling on with more predictions. Instead, we thought it would be beneficial to share our “top five” technology resources that we use or which General Counsel … [more]

Does Corporate Culture Matter?

A hot topic of conversation lately at conferences, in articles and in our conversations with attorneys and our clients is corporate culture- what is it and why does it matter? The question in part may be driven by millennials influencing … [more]

Market Report: The Demand for “Brand Lawyers”

“Brand lawyers” are in demand in the life sciences industry.  The term “brand lawyer” is often used to describe an attorney with experience supporting a specific brand/product that is on the market.  For example, a brand lawyer within the pharmaceutical industry … [more]