Managing Your Legal Team Remotely

It has been over a year, and few people have returned to their office desks.  The city that never slept, New York City, once characterized by towering office buildings and an endless bustle on the street, has transformed into a … [more]

Cryptocurrency and the Law – Here to Stay?

Did you ever think that there would be considerable value in something that you could never touch, hold, or store under your mattress or in a vault?  Well, in this article we are going to discuss how “ownership” of digital … [more]

Does a Data Privacy Focus Increase Your In-House Chances?

In July 2017, Equifax suffered a data breach.  As one of the largest credit bureaus in the United States, Equifax holds our most sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, credit card data.  Suffice … [more]

Callin’ Me a Headhunter? We’re Cool with It

Do we say, “janitor” or “sanitation engineer?”  Do we say, “cab driver” or “chauffeur?”  Do we say, “headhunter” or “legal recruiter?”  As Shakespeare once penned, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would … [more]

Cool Tech for Lawyers – Live Virtual Event

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