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Our commitment to honesty, integrity and ethics combined with our ability to deliver exceptionally qualified talent is why the world’s finest corporations, law firms, and non-profit institutions entrust their important searches to us. A significant portion of our business is based on referrals made by satisfied clients.

We are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goal of finding exceptionally qualified attorney talent to meet the unique and complex needs of your organization. We do this by meeting with you so that we gain a first hand and thorough understanding of your organization’s mission, culture and your specific hiring needs. We strive to ensure that a candidate meets not only the position requirements but also will thrive within your unique organization and culture. Ours is a solutions based approach in which we search for, meet with, and extensively interview candidates and present only the most qualified and best matched for your organization. When a candidate thrives, so does your organization, and we aim to achieve this win-win with every placement.

Princeton Legal Search Group, LLC specializes in the placement of exceptionally qualified attorneys with in-house legal departments, institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations and law firms.

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