Win Big In Business Using Poker Strategies – Live Virtual Event 8/25

“Poker is the Great Equalizer”, Ellen Leikind, Founder & CEO, PokerDivas

8/25, 12-1pm (EDT)

(no recording available)

Think law and poker have nothing in common? Think again. Come learn how to win big in business using the strategies of poker with PokerDivas.  This is an educational event. You do not need any poker experience! Once you leave the event you will be comfortable sitting at a poker table and will learn how to deploy those strategies in business. You will learn how to:

  • Read the competition
  • Secure the upper hand in negotiations
  • Manage a bully at the poker table or the conference table
  • Act assertively and strategically
  • Take calculated risks with confidence

Find out why 68% of CEOs would rather play poker than golf!

Ellen Leikind is an entrepreneur, corporate innovator, published author, and creator of PokerDivas. Her mission: to show how the strategies of poker can be applied to winning the corporate game. In 2006, Ellen founded PokerDivas, a company that provides corporate team building, leadership, and diversity programs. Ellen is the author of POKERWOMAN: How to Win at Love, Life, and Business using the Principles of Poker. She has written on gender issues in business for and has been featured on CNBC,, Newsday, and Success magazine.

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