Mary Clare Garber, Vice President of Princeton Legal Search Group, LLC quoted in NJBIZ article “Why Women Leaders Should Be Celebrated”

Mary Clare Garber, vice president of Princeton Legal Search Group, LLC and the chair of the scholarship committee for EWNJ (Executive Women of New Jersey) reflects on the next generation of leadership:

“My personal belief is that if we are going to succeed in bringing women to the next level of leadership, we need to do it with men. As the mother of two young men, 25 and 18, it is my responsibility to educate them on how to work with women, to accept mentoring from them as I provide guidance and direction in teaching them how to navigate their careers and life. I have a role in educating young men about their responsibility in the future, which includes working with women,” she said. “Yes, we need to create spaces for women’s own professional development, and we also really need to look at the issue as a professional and as parents — what can we do and what lessons can we teach to the next generation?”

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