Do Titles Matter?

Many lawyers believe that titles indicate the respect they deserve and show advancement in one’s career. Indeed, when negotiating offers, some candidates want to obtain a more senior-level title than the one they currently have – not only does it … [more]

Thinking About An In House Career Move?

Five Recommendations on How to Strategically Position Yourself for an In House Opportunity: 1.      Know what you want. What are you moving toward in your career? Is there a company that has a product or service that you … [more]

Too Much Of A Good Thing: How To Handle Competing Job Offers

Lawyers with specific skill sets are in high demand in today’s marketplace, and the best candidates may find themselves with several opportunities and/or offers presented to them in quick succession. If you are a transactional lawyer with three to seven … [more]

Does Your Resume Need Re-Structuring?

As the Holiday season approaches and we spend more time with family and friends, many of us anticipate some variation of the question, “So, how are things at work?”   The question may raise deeper level questions about your career assessment … [more]

How Fit Is Your Career

As 2015 begins to wind down and a new year approaches, we take pause over the Holiday season to spend time with family and friends. Career progression or assessment is a natural topic for conversation. A frequent question may be, … [more]

The Career Ladder vs. Career Lattice

A fundamental shift has taken place in corporate America. The Career Ladder is no longer the path to career advancement. The rungs are broken or are no longer working efficiently. The Career Lattice has taken its place. And here’s why … [more]