Career Action Items for the New Year

Is your career on track? The New Year may be an opportunity for change and exploration of new possibilities. Here are 6 Action Steps that may be helpful to you in advancing your career or for sharing with others. Review … [more]

Is Your College Ready to Hire its First General Counsel?

We are seeing an emerging  trend in higher education:  confronted by the same complex legal, social, risk and safety issues that exist at universities, American colleges are recognizing that it is often essential (and not a luxury)  to have an … [more]

Résumé Rough Spots

Everyone wants to have the perfect résumé without a “blip” or blemish.  Unfortunately, that is often not the reality.  Many have made moves in their careers that they would not have predicted or that did not work out as planned.  … [more]

Finding the Good in Goodbye: How to Resign with Grace

You just landed that new job.  You received your new employment contract, and your mind is now filled with the great possibilities this next step in your career will offer — new challenges, new colleagues, new location.  Perhaps this new … [more]

Lawyers In The Private Equity World

Most lawyers are intrigued by the idea of going in-house, but many do not realize that the opportunities to do so are not only at large, public companies.  Many of our clients are private equity-owned (“PE-owned”) portfolio companies that are … [more]

Long Commute . . . Worth the Trip?

In evaluating a current job, or considering a new one, many factors typically come into play, such as salary, benefits, bonus potential, title, quality of work, room for advancement, and office culture.  All too often, however, there is one factor … [more]

Do Titles Matter?

Many lawyers believe that titles indicate the respect they deserve and show advancement in one’s career. Indeed, when negotiating offers, some candidates want to obtain a more senior-level title than the one they currently have – not only does it … [more]

Thinking About An In House Career Move?

Five Recommendations on How to Strategically Position Yourself for an In House Opportunity: 1.      Know what you want. What are you moving toward in your career? Is there a company that has a product or service that you … [more]

Too Much Of A Good Thing: How To Handle Competing Job Offers

Lawyers with specific skill sets are in high demand in today’s marketplace, and the best candidates may find themselves with several opportunities and/or offers presented to them in quick succession. If you are a transactional lawyer with three to seven … [more]