Market Trend: Regulatory Attorneys in Demand

Regulatory lawyers are in demand. Across all industries, regulatory lawyers are in demand. We are seeing the demand in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, energy, chemical, consumer products, and food industries. Lawyers who stay apprised of, and advise on, regulations … [more]

How to Go In-House without “Prior In-House Experience”

As a recruiter talking to candidates daily, I hear it all of the time- “I want to go in-house.” For a majority of the in-house positions available, especially the more senior positions, a pre-requisite will inevitably stand in the way … [more]

The General Counsel as a Successful Leader: Are there Common Themes?

There have been a number of articles and conferences lately focusing on leadership traits of the successful General Counsel and other rising in house legal professionals. Princeton Legal Search Group recently moderated a panel discussion of prominent General Counsels in … [more]

When Is It Time To Move To A New Law Firm?

The Holidays are a time of reflection, introspection and planning. It may also be a time for change. It is an excellent time to take stock of your career and consider where you have been and where you are going. … [more]