To Tech or Not to Tech: A Business Decision-Making Model

We all know that “throwing money at a problem” is not the way to fix it.  Back in the day, government and corporate leaders alike believed that directing more financial resources towards a thorny issue would, somehow, magically fix the … [more]

Advancing Your Career Through Communication Styles

How “Flexing your Style” Helps You Become a Leader in Your Organization “Meet people where they are.”  That one phrase, that one small piece of advice, speaks volumes for people who want to become leaders in their organization. Let’s break … [more]

Diversity as an Asset in Navigating Your Career

Today, the meaning of race in America is a complicated matter. About 31% of the U.S. population is currently African-American, or Hispanic- and Latino-American, yet less than 10% of the leaders of the largest American companies are non-white.  In the … [more]