Market Trend: Regulatory Attorneys in Demand

Regulatory lawyers are in demand. Across all industries, regulatory lawyers are in demand. We are seeing the demand in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, energy, chemical, consumer products, and food industries. Lawyers who stay apprised of, and advise on, regulations … [more]

Can Your Network Be A Recruiting Strategy?

If a member of your legal team has ever resigned at the worst possible moment, the memory of the stress on you and your department likely was present for a long time. You can avoid, or at least alleviate, that … [more]

Assessing Corporate Culture and Fit

Determining if a corporation or a law firm is a good fit is critical to the longer term success of your career. How does one determine a good fit? Fit relates to corporate culture. Corporate culture is based on company … [more]

The Insider’s Guide to Creating A Hiring Plan

As a candidate or as a legal leader you may find it insightful to take a moment to think about the recruiting process from early inception. How then might this influence your recruitment plan or how might these insights benefit … [more]