The Interview, Asking the Right Questions

What Will YOU Ask During the Interview? Be prepared for the great switch– the point in the interview when the interviewer turns the table and asks if you have any questions for them.  Asking the right questions during an interview … [more]

Career Action Items for the New Year

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Is Your College Ready to Hire its First General Counsel?

We are seeing an emerging  trend in higher education:  confronted by the same complex legal, social, risk and safety issues that exist at universities, American colleges are recognizing that it is often essential (and not a luxury)  to have an … [more]

Does Your Resume Need Re-Structuring?

As the Holiday season approaches and we spend more time with family and friends, many of us anticipate some variation of the question, “So, how are things at work?”   The question may raise deeper level questions about your career assessment … [more]

The Career Ladder vs. Career Lattice

A fundamental shift has taken place in corporate America. The Career Ladder is no longer the path to career advancement. The rungs are broken or are no longer working efficiently. The Career Lattice has taken its place. And here’s why … [more]