Thank You Notes: Perfect Closer, or Opening for Pitfalls?

Choices, choices, choices.  Whenever you are interviewing for a new job, you are confronted with many, many choices.  You may not even consciously realize it, but during a job search you are constantly making calculated choices from the kinds of … [more]

Executive Compensation Trends: A Method to the Metrics?

[Statistics in this article can be found here.] It has been a hot topic in the news for the last two years, and it has been the subject of several high-profile corporate lawsuits, executive compensation.  The metrics that companies use … [more]

Where Are You in the Lifecycle of a Talent Acquisition?

We all know the basics of getting a job.  You need to spruce up your resume.  You use that resume to get some interviews.  An employer, at some point, will make you an offer.  Finally, you close the deal.  Simple, … [more]