Survey Says? . . . Remote Work Might Be Here to Stay

The pandemic has already changed many things about our way of life.  We are still staying home as much as possible while the pandemic continues to surge, and you might have gotten used to working remotely over the last few … [more]

The Tech Tipping Point Is Now – A Webinar for General Counsel

WATCH A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR DOWNLOAD WEBINAR PRESENTATION (held on July 21, 2020) Interested in identifying workflow solutions for your legal team, whether they are remote or on-site? Would you like to: • Reduce process blockages • Improve resource … [more]

Cause for Cautious Optimism in a Coronavirus Economy

It is an understatement to say that the current economic climate is “uncertain.”  We are still in the midst of a fluctuating pandemic, a presidential election is only a few months away, and the country is starting to have open … [more]

Assess Your Management Style In A Crisis Webinar

WATCH A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR DOWNLOAD WEBINAR PRESENTATION (held on June 17, 2020)   Calling all lawyers who want to improve or develop their leadership skills further. Unprecedented times can create unique opportunities- and this might be one for … [more]

LinkedIn for Lawyers Webinar

Are you leveraging LinkedIn to maximize results? Come learn strategies to: * source career opportunities * raise your career profile * identify business prospects * build or broaden your professional network * enhance professional development (held on May 19, 2020) … [more]