Hiring Attorneys as a Reliable, Ongoing Process

If a member of your legal team has ever resigned at the worst possible moment, the memory of the stress on you and your department likely was present for a long time. You can avoid, or at least alleviate, that … [more]

Recruit to Your Official Legal Team Plan

By their very nature, hiring plans are fluid and subject to change. But you can’t alter your plan if you don’t have one to change. The art is being flexible while staying the course. Let’s start from the beginning. The … [more]

Market Report: The Realities Of Going In-House As A Litigator

Litigators with a specialized skillset fare better in the in-house market.  One of the impressive traits of general litigators is their ability to become expert in various subject matters in a short period of time.  Quite frankly, their clients and the … [more]

Four Mistakes Employers Make When Extending A Job Offer

You’ve completed the final round of interviews of a stellar lawyer who will add depth and breadth to your legal department. Your internal business clients are thrilled, unanimously agree on the wisdom of the hire, and can’t wait to begin … [more]

Market Trend: The Demand for Corporate Attorneys

Corporate lawyers are in demand. Corporate lawyers are in demand across all industries. Those with in-house experience are particularly sought after by companies that want the corporate skillset and need a lawyer who already understands what it means to be in-house. … [more]